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Located in a beautiful setting between the shores of five lakes Trakai is the most visited tourist attraction in Lithuania. There are a number of architectural, natural and cultural sites, therefore it is not possible to describe in words how beautiful this city is in reality. […] Запись Trakai Castle. A Fairytale Town Built on Water впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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There are a lot of castles and palaces in the Baltic states. Every one of them deserves separate attention, because visiting them is like a diving into a history full of secrets, intrigues and incredible stories. So have you ever heard of Courland? Now it is […] Запись Rundale Palace — The Hidden Pearl of the Baltic States впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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Lithuania is full of surprises.  People from all the different nationalities and cultures have created here a colourful mosaic of wild nature, medieval cities and castles, SPA resorts and a variety of attractions. If you haven’t already added the city to your travel wish list, these 20 photos are […] Запись 20 photos that will put Lithuania on your travel wish list впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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There is nothing weird about the great popularity of culinary tourism. Can you enjoy a cool trip without tasting local cuisine, falling in love with local traditions, and enjoying its atmosphere? Visiting Baltic countries, tourists embrace its culture, nature, and cuisine. What dishes you should definitely […] Запись Baltic Cuisine: Food That Will Surprise Even the Most Choiceful Foodies впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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Tallinn is Baltic pearl that situated on the northern coast of Estonia. In fact, Tallinn’s Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranked as one of world centers. This is mean that in Tallinn you never get bored. Moreover, we represent you our list of […] Запись 10 Things to Do in Tallinn впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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You must have already heard about Vilnius – the largest city in Lithuania and its capital at the same time. It’s historical, charming, interesting, and magical. It can make you fall in love from the first sight. There are many guides that will provide you with […] Запись 10 Things to Do in Vilnius впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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Riga is the capital of Latvia and the largest city of the Baltic region. It is obvious that this modern city has managed to preserve its historic appearance. This fact attracts crowds of tourists to see the sights of Riga, famous all over the world. Everyone […] Запись 10 Things to Do in Riga впервые появилась Green Tour Baltic.

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your reliable tour operator in the Baltic states

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